The Secret

I may have discovered the secret to growing the next generation up to be smart, curious, hard-working and kind. Ditch the distractions.

Our farmer’s grandson who’s in his late 20s was here taking hay today and he had his son with him. L’il farmer is nearly two years old. He rode with his Dad for hours without a snack bag or toy of any sort, just a drink for a sunny morning. He watched what his Dad was doing and waited until they took a break to get a sip of his drink.

When they stopped for lunch, they were going to walk to the back field to get the ATV to run home but we saved them some steps as Chuck gave them a ride so they’d not be late for Mom’s lunch. Little bit sat and watched as they backed out of the shop and gladly took a swig of juice before we sent them on their way.

This young family is trying hard to do it right. When the bigger boys come up here with Dad, they pick up a shovel or rake to help out. They’re always polite and respectful and they never cease to make us smile. They don’t whine or complain as they wait for adult conversations to finish. Screen time is the last thing on their minds. Riding the ATV with Dad or great grandpa farmer or us is all in day’s happenings. The young families out here seem to me to be doing something very right, in my humble opinion.