Botto’s Big Adventure

A couple weeks ago, Chuck & Botto made the long drive to the Florida panhandle to surprise Tori and start an early diving|finishing vacation. They pulled off the surprise and got in a little fishing. Since Bill’s yard wasn’t fenced, Botto stayed in the screen porch area and grew quite fond of swimming in the cement pond. I can’t be sure, but I think he prefers hillbilly muddy ponds to chlorinated pools. He did great in the heat and was a good traveling companion too, Chuck reported when he called me back at home.

Next, the boys picked me up at the airport and our vacation took a detour from diving to driving to South Carolina to move Chuck’s daughter. Botto learned to mind our commands amid busy city and gas station situations even without a leash. He waited patiently while we moved furniture and loaded the trailer. Others commented on how obedient he was, and while we were certainly proud we were also a bit surprised at how well our boy was doing with so many distractions and new things to experience.

South Carolina BBQ passed the Botto taste test as Clay’s girls happily fed him bones and chicken skin. Again, no leash needed and he didn’t mind the restaurant cat prowling around the porch.

Botto even stayed in a fancy hotel and was calm and quiet in a new, strange environment. Farm pups are used to the freedom of outdoors after all. Another drive and we were again busy unloading and trying to navigate a finicky elevator. Botto trotted back and forth with us and was quite proud of the cart surfing skills he developed. His reward was a sleep in the grass of a friend’s backyard. I bet he was glad to hear the crickets and familiar night noises all the while wondering where exactly we were.

The final drive day was long but Botto got a breakfast surprise as Monie met us on our way home. He was happy to see his girl and told her all about his big adventure in his goofy growly chatter. Then, he settled back in the floorboard for the final 8 hours to home. With a few miles to go he perked up and started letting Chuck know that he knew he was back in Barry county.

He had lots to investigate once he got home! He set out for a long stroll and returned a couple hours later fresh from a swim in the hillbilly pond, complete with mud splatter on his happy face. He saw highways and seaways, cities and suburbs, concrete and contained grassy spaces. He met critters and children, strangers and old friends. But, in the end the best part of Botto’s big adventure we’re time with family/framily and returning home to D:618 farm.