I learned a lesson and patience this year. The weather looked promising and the times for planting on the back of the seed packets said that it was good to plant in April. However, a late season frost got a hold of my tomatoes and peppers and I had to give up the idea of early-season plants, and instead keeping, nurturing along my seedlings. aside from a couple of survivors, my garden start had been postponed until now, May. I was grateful for a beautiful day yesterday, to get my planting done, and spend the entire day outdoors

I tackled another task also. The wind up here on the ridge blows, dust and debris that coats the siding of our house. The northside tends to get particularly grimy. So, armed with a bucket of soapy water, my scrub brush, and the trusty garden hose; I spent the afternoon scrubbing down the side of the house. Tasks like this or something that many people don’t like to do or struggle to find time. For me, after a busy week at work, these sorts of activities, give me satisfaction of getting things, accomplished, and some time to ponder the lessons of the week. As always, I had more work to do than I could accomplish at my day job this week, and perhaps that is why these manual tasks feel so much more satisfying on the weekend. strategic work or complicated. Problem-solving is not something that is easy to do with distractions or time pressures . Time spent soaking on the details in order to formulate a plan is helpful, even when that soaking is done with a scrub brush and hand. By the end of yesterday afternoon, I had some fresh ideas that I can use in the office this week, and I felt like the spinning my wheels at my desk was not really a problem in light of the fresh ideas that came in the sunshine of the afternoon.