Like a Childhood Picture

This morning I looked out the window and realized that the clouds looked just like the kind that we draw in pictures in kindergarten. As the day we’re on, and we were getting things done around the farm, I realize there were many more things that looked like those classic childhood drawings.

The trees stand tall with dome-shaped tops. The trunk brown and leaves crayola crayon green. It made me smile and whisper a prayer of gratitude for the little things in life.

Underneath the cotton ball clouds in the bright blue sky, our fields stretch for miles. Even the home we built, simple and plain, again reminds me of exactly what a child might craft. Boxlike and balanced with windows on each side of the welcoming front door. The roof straight and sloped, just missing the typical chimney a child might add.

A few flowers spotted in the garden and a few birds high in the sky are easy to see as I sit here on the front porch, farm happy and content listening to the frogs in the pond, birds in the trees and rooster calling the hens up from the woods before the sun sets.