Christmas 2022

I snapped this photo Christmas morning to show my aunt that Liam liked his new toques. Then, I neglected to snap another photo for 8 hours! I was too busy making brunch for TMac & the Moore’s and enjoying laughter and the boys’ tales. We lingered over coffee before parting ways.

After brunch with family, we rode through the countryside to see our “framily” (friends like family) while Liam got a quick skate in old town Aurora. Bodhi met me at the door and we raced out to the shop to shoot some hoops before joining in the empanada making and baby cuddling. The house swelled with activity, savory aromas and joy.

On our way home, we caught up with faraway family by phone then stopped in to see our farmer and share some baking. It’s hard to believe another year passed so quickly and even more amazing that a newborn calf was reportedly fine after being born in -9F temps on Christmas Eve!

We ended the evening much like we began the day. The three of us enjoying time together over a game of Aurora-ized Monopoly and chatting with Simone on text. She laughed to see a random donkey who visited our gate camera and I chuckled at Kaleb’s cousin, pantless, joining their annual family holiday photo by the tree.

The photos are few but memories many of a 2022 Christmas stretched from Virginia Beach to Missouri and all the way up to Canada or downunder too. Merry Christmas family and friends across the country and the globe!