Canada Cold

It’s Canada cold in SW Missouri tonight. The winter weather blew in hard yesterday and the winds continued to howl all day long today too. It was a nice day to stay tucked indoors, especially since Liam is sick. We drank coffee and checked in on my boy. We had nowhere to rush off to.

Eventually, we became stir crazy and went out for a long walk. While the local cows huddle for warmth, we had warm coats and waterproof gloves to protect us. Winter gear is much better than when I was a kid braving Alberta winters & building snow forts with friends. My 2022 gear kept my toes warm and the wind was no bother at all.

We walked a couple of miles in the property, slid on one of our frozen ponds, and let Otto dog run and play.

Christmas has crept up quickly and I’m hopeful that Liam will be up for food and family fun tomorrow and Sunday. It’s been a while since I’ve had the fun of filling Christmas stockings. I look forward to the treat of watching someone open a gift bought just for them. Just like the treasure it was to watch some chilly birds gratefully gobble up birdseed on the porch in the -5F afternoon sunshine.

Merry Christmas little friends!