The Basics

We went to watch the Aurora Hound Dogs wrestle this week. They started a wrestling program last year and faced a formidable team Tuesday night. But, before the matches started; it was back to basics. The national anthem played and everyone stood, hand on heart, respect on display.

Our team was much smaller in number but not in heart. I don’t know the details of wrestling rules but it was easy enough to follow the action. More interesting though was the commentary of three Aurora wrestlers circa 1974 who chatted beside me. Our team only won 2 of 13 matches and the old timers beside me laughed remembering their seasons where only a couple of boys on their team were likely to win their matches. They talked about the grit it takes to lose week after week but keep working hard and showing up to give it their best shot. “It’s just you facing your opponent on that mat,” I heard one of them say. “Win or lose, it’s up to you.”

These guys wrestled as less than 140 pound boys and are now are fully grown, grey haired, retired men. You’d hardly know their days on the mat were nearly 5 decades ago! Clearly the lessons won back then, of teamwork, hard work, friendship and grit have stood the rest of time. While times have changed as evidenced by the girls who wrestle now too, the basics have not … things like patriotism, respect, and community were on display as we filled the bleachers that night.

AsI write this a few days later, community and teamwork and the basics like prayer are on my mind in a different manner. A friend and coworker was in a terrible car accident along with his wife, two boys, and niece this morning . They are in critical condition and we are praying hard. Please keep David and his family and everyone involved in your prayers. Our O’Reilly family and community is rallying quickly, but this will be a long journey. Thanks for praying with me.