My view this afternoon, was much more solitary than my view this week while I was in Dallas at our annual O’Reilly leadership conference with 8000 amazing O’Reilly team members. Both of these spots in my photos were exhilarating, but for different reasons. The energy of the O’Reilly team was like an electrical current while the downhill wind in my hair was like the best breath of fresh air.

Tossing shirts and welcoming store managers, gave me a chance to thank them for the work they do every day. Without them, none of us in the corporate offices would even have a job. Compare that to this morning, where I quietly said a prayer of thanksgiving for our neighbors and friends who sat in front of us at church. Their daughter who is too small to read, is already being taught well as you can see. She wanted the hymnal open so she could be a part of the worship. Hard work, solid values and a heart for God are what it’s all about. That’s how Charlie O’Reilly started our week with prayer and how we wrapped it up today, Sunday.

And, a baby magnet moment, rocking a little one from the congregation to sleep was a bonus of baby time for Chuck and me. We happily held her while her parents ate lunch. That sweetness and my afternoon pedal were the perfect way to unwind after a very busy week with the O.