Our early walk this morning gave us a chance to catch up on plans for the day and enjoy the progress on the farm. As we came back to the house, Otto had some buddies turn up to play. The dogs from a mile up the road had meandered over to come visit. They were courteous visitors and made us smile as Otto showed them around . We checked with their owner who had no concerns about them making their way back home. We were glad Otto had some canine company for a bit.

We seem to find ‘our kind’ around here – those who like to do the things we enjoy – as dogs or humans. Like my pedal pal who hits the dirt roads with me each weekend, happy for the exercise and company. We both work busy corporate jobs but love our farm escape homes. Her boy likes to pedal too and more important, he loves fresh air and already, at five, knows how to work hard.

As we rode today, we chatted about the hard work and sacrifices we make to live rural. Farm life is a big investment both financially and labor-wise. We forego many things to afford hefty farm mortgages. We drive hours to commute to work daily. We spend hours, sweat equity, significant funds and sheer grit to clear trails and turn forest into pasture for our future and livelihoods. Lots of people talk about earth friendly living but living off the land is first and foremost hard work and humbling. It’s a choice I’m glad to be able to have made.