Walking the fields this morning we found two sheds – antler sheds. One was small, the other large; both just a sampling of the deer population that roams the farm. I love the reminder that there are so many critters here who call our woods home. We may only see their footprints in the mud or catch them getting a drink at the pond but they’re just yards away behind the tree line.

In our shed building, or shop really, Chuck is getting organized for woodworking adventures. Often when I get home from work, the property is quiet because the critters are still hiding in the woods until dark and Chuck’s behind the shop doors busy with his projects. The peaceful space is a slice of heaven.

I like to shed the crowded day and fill full on the fresh air. Whether a walk in the field or a pedal past the neighbors’s goat herd, time outdoors let’s me forget stress and enjoy the peace of D6:18 farm.