Red buds

It’s the time of year on the farm when the redbuds are in bloom and the dogwood flowed peek out in the woods . Chuck is busy watering his grass seed and the plants will soon move to the garden bed. Meanwhile two blueberry bushes found new homes by the maple tree and I hope they’ll like it there!

Spring is busy even on a farm without livestock. Planting, spraying weeds, moving, pruning and watering all help the green pop all around us. In one more week, the woods will be filled with green too. Easter time is a promise of new life through Christ’s sacrifice and the woods are a sweet reminder of fresh growth and beauty.

As the days stretch longer, we full each added minute with outdoor chores. And, we cherish the gift of fresh air and dirt. The sunshine on our skin is welcome after winter’s chill. The weekend passes far too quickly at this time of year! Luckily Chuck is home to tend to watering and such as I head back to town to work tomorrow.