This is the Homestead where Chuck’s great grandparents lived. These days, his uncle and aunt live in the home and still operate the farm. Even at 86 years old, he can still load a 50 pound bag of feed into the tractor bucket, trim trees, move cattle, and take care of farming business. Spending time here since we moved back to Missouri, is always the highlight of Chuck’s day.

Chuck mentioned yesterday that this road through the property has been there as long as he can remember. Generations of family have spent time here, as have even more generations of cattle. Moving home to Missouri has been wonderful for his hillbilly heart and time spent on this farm with his uncle is precious.

The day to day functions on the farm have likely not changed much over the decades. Cows need to be fed. Gardens need to be weeded. Fences need to be mended. And, livestock tended to. That’s true 365 days a year and sometimes Chuck is called on the help out, which he gladly does.

Retirement is a modern concept it seems. I suppose the newer implements and machinery put a spin on what farm life looks like these days. And, perhaps those things allow for easier land and livestock management. But the work ethic, early rising, and fresh air certainly seem to be one of the keys to longevity and quality of life. His uncle is a prime example of the benefits of fresh air and farm life.

Watching Chuck walk back from feeding cows for Uncle Tommy after church yesterday , I couldn’t help but wonder pledge was going through Chuck’s mind today compared to 60 odd years ago when he ran around here with his brother and cousins. Does it feel familiar yet quieter? Smaller than it did once upon a time? A little more weathered and worn?

I’m not sure what he was thinking. Maybe he was simply thinking about heading home for lunch but I know he was happy for a little time on the homestead on a Sunday afternoon.