Happy Places

After a few days traveling for work I was thinking of happy places as I pedaled with my hillbilly friend today. It was our first ride from my place since her baby was born late last year. She rode the big nasty hill like a champ and we enjoyed a good chance to catch up and chatter too. I’m so glad God gave me a pedaling, well traveled, hard-working, fun pal to share farm life & adventures with on the weekends.

We hit another happy place this weekend, the lake for a 2 mile swim & paddle relay. I was slow to get in as the water was chilly but the mile long swim was great and I loved the quiet paddle back to the truck as Chuck swam his turn. There was no boat traffic early Sunday morning before church, just a few fishermen tucked into a cove as we swam by. This Shell Knob spot is definitely another Ozark happy place for both of us even if my shoulders are a little tired postswim!

Those waterways, roads and hills are familiar and fun. The sunshine was a bonus. Horses ran out to greet us and we were glad the recent rain had settled the dust some. We both work corporate jobs that keep us hopping during the week so our little weekend escape is much anticipated although I do have happy places at work too. Like spending time with great team members in our stores and distribution centers as I did this week in Florida.

It’s a bonus when work travel includes both favorite friends from the corporate office as well as field team members I’ve not spent time with before. I loved putting stock away, watching the team members shine for our customers, and getting to find out a bit more about just how great our team members are! This photo is one of my travel buddies since I don’t want to post without permission photos of field team members but they are simply remarkable and kind. I’d love to show you all their smiling faces and tell you of the great job they’re doing. I am blessed to have happy places and amazing people to spend time with both at work and at play!