Mother’s Day … or Heavenly Father’s Day?

It has been a perfect Mother’s Day afternoon… We beat the thunderstorms coming back from the far woods with some Shasta daisies to transplant by the front driveway. I am now sitting on the porch while the rain gently waters the garden and Otto’s panting tells me it’s a bit humid out. The weather is perfect for growing things and for a little porch sitting. The fields are green on green and the garden is beginning to pop.

The farmers are a little worried about how they will find time to bail with more rain in the forecast. But the bees are loving the clover that is flowering thick in every field.

Yesterday, while my busy bee husband was making more layers for the beehives our friends have put on our farm, us girls were doing what we love to do … pedaling the hills despite a bit of mud and catching up after a busy week of work and family life. My riding partner just happens to be my favorite Mom of hillbilly kids and I am glad for her heart to raise them tough & true. Who would’ve thought that I would find a friend who is well traveled, works in the corporate world, and loves farm life, fitness and hillbilly things as much as I do. Our Saturday rides are a highlight of my week.

As always on Sunday, we started the day with a lake swim. before church. We caught up on Mother’s Day texts and calls after church. And, as I sit here waiting on the sweet potatoes to cook for dinner, a perfect rainbow reminds me of the promises God made to all his people, not just mothers. He said Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. So, if we would choose to be good stewards of all that He has entrusted to us, believing in Jesus and not our own efforts; whether children or land, business or riches, talents or time … God will keep us busy for his good purposes. He will keep His promises and show us each next step to take as well as the way home to Glory. Although it is Mother’s Day, according to Hallmark anyway… I really think it is just another heavenly Father’s day full of many beautiful things!