Ahhh choo!

It was a hay sneezy weekend and that’s not a bad thing! Our farmer was baking hay while we had some sunshine. There’s no such thing as weekend for him. You have to make hay while the sun shines, of course!

Our farmer laughed at me moving daisies and transplanting tiger lilies from the ditch to our yard. But, for me it was about having my hands in the dirt and some sneezy fresh air. He doesn’t get our desire to move ‘weeds’ around but he enjoys us in the same way people might laugh at Hee Haw or the Ava Gabor on Green Acres. At least we provide him some entertainment as he works!

Church was a bit quiet today as perhaps others had hay to bale or fish to catch as evidenced by the boats on the water while we swam this morning. We definitely earned our breakfast this morning and I can’t wait to watch the lilies bloom in the coming weeks.