Weeds or wildflowers

On my way home Friday night I picked some black-eyed susan’s by the side of the road to pop in a vase as we had friends coming over to celebrate and eat birthday cake with us. Little did, I know, one of them would turn up with a fun roadside bouquet that I could add to what I had already gathered. Our farmer laughs at us for planting what he calls weeds. Then again, a stalk of corn, growing in the middle of a soybean field is considered a weed as Chuck’s dad once told us. But, here in the country, black-eyed Susans, Shasta, daisies, tiger, lilies, and corn flowers are readily available and a joyful pop of summertime color color provided they’re not coated in dirt road dust.

Sure enough, we enjoyed cake and conversation, laughter, and little ones. It made us happy that our farm friends took time out of their busy days to stop by, and celebrate Chuck’s birthday with us.

It was, of course, mandatory to have a little hillbilly fun and let the six year old scramble up the shop to see the sunset. It was a perfect end to a farm family evening.