This long weekend, I had plans to clean out the garden, clean house, pedal my bike and enjoy some farm chores. however, here I sit Monday afternoon with three furry babies snuggled up on my chest. They don’t care that I canned tomato sauce yesterday, dried spices and made chili this afternoon. Their mama was worried that she couldn’t retrieve them before the storm hit when we tried to reunite them. Chuck is running to buy some formula for them.

What an unexpected afternoon! We purposely built a house that did not have trees around it, because we don’t like the nuisance of pesky squirrels but seeing these little babies, reminds us that they are God’s creatures. Just because we didn’t want them in our attic, doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy them in our woods.

Seeing the circle of life, and nature do its thing is amazing. As a society, we have become very self-centered in general but I may have the cure. Time spent, nurturing, little critters, harvesting things from the land, or investing time with other people is surely, the best cure for self focus. Sitting here today, I have some added time to rest and contemplate the coming week. That’s a gift I didn’t expect but sure appreciate with little Larry, Curly & Moe sleeping on my chest.