This morning, we took our Sunday walk through the farm and ended up in the turnip field where the greens have winter wilted but purple peeks up out of the soil. If you look closely you can see a critter’s nibble marks. Turnips are good for the new field and a treat for the deer.

The turnip patch is much different to Liam’s favorite local escape, a park in Springfield where he can skateboard and keep his legs fresh. He’s finishing up a season with us that I’ll treasure forever. It’s been a chance to regroup and recover as he plans his next steps for music, work, new adventures and such. I’m just happy for boy hugs each day and proud of the smart, creative, hardworking man he has become.

Christmas will be here soon and, much to the kids’ surprise, I decorated early. Between work and some medical stuff we are having trouble making Hintz family plans but I’m thrilled that sometime in the next few weeks we will all be under one roof, Lord willing, since Simone is just 8 hours away.

Note: I updated my website version and it wiped out prior posts! I’ll try to recover them but will also post fresh news each week too! (12/4/22)

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