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Christmas Lights

One of my favorite things about rural life is the joy of small town holiday traditions. Our local town puts a bit tree right in the middle of main street. Snowflake lights line the side streets making a winter dark drive home from work a little brighter.

Our stockings are hung wishing all the kids and grandkids could be here for the holidays. Instead, Tori is visiting this week, Liam will be here for Christmas and we hope to see Simone for New Year’s. We are grateful for any time we can spend with family. Liam has been here a few months before heading on to Colorado. Surviving a house fire was not the way I expected him to come visit but I’m glad he’s been here for a while. It has been fun listening to his musical aspirations, song creations and commentary each day.

Simone got her lights up in Tennessee today. We helped her and Kaleb build a fence this summer and that was our chance to get some extra time spent happily in their company this year too. She’s done a little jet setting with her new job and as expected she’s doing a great job and having fun.

As for the farm and us? The shop is finished thanks to helping hands from Tmac & Jackie. Of course, the kids and Chuck checked out the view from the roof before the weather got slick. And, yes, the shop is bigger than our house!

It has been an interesting year with unexpected challenges and joys. My Dad passed away I and I couldn’t go visit due to dumb travel rules but my Mom is doing well. Our grandson came to visit and in a few short weeks he rode a bull, tested Pop’s patience and discovered hillbilly fun. Our favorite farmer has made us smile and made our farm beautiful even as he’s faced some health challenges. Chuck lost a cousin to cancer then our circle of friends added a sweet new baby girl. I’m so glad God has a way of delivering joy amid challenges just like a maestro conducting a heavenly orchestra.

As I reflect on this past year, I can hardly believe how fast it has gone by nor how many treasures and trials were packed in it. As we head towards 2023, I think I’ll look at it like my favorite weekly bike rides… always a bit unexpected and a bit exhilarating at the same time.