Snow day

At the pinnacle of our ride yesterday, there was little evidence of our midweek snow day. Just the horses blanket and a little snowy residue in shady spots along the roadside hinted that we’d had 8 inches of snow last Wednesday. It was a beautiful but windy, morning pedal. This is why we love living out here… blue skies & fresh air.

It had been a busy week so I was glad to work from home one day to catch-up a bit. It was so busy that I’d not made a grocery stop mid-week and so while running to the store yesterday, I spotted a few more snow day clues. Snowman skeletons were spotted in yards where kids had created frosty friends.

As for us old folks, we didn’t build snowmen but we did get a wintery walk after work on Wednesday evening. The weather here is certainly changeable but no matter the temperature or cloud formations, outdoors is where we like to be!